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We are open to collaborating mutually in a beneficial relationship with organisations that share the same goals and values as Mzanzi Kids.

We are keen to explore areas that involve:

  • Ed-tech project initiatives.

  • Designing multilingual project content for schools.

  • Co-creating strategies that make a difference in education.

  • Co-branding and marketing project opportunities.

Collaborate With Us

Help us evolve through funding

A robust product will require more product development. Our wish is to create intermediate language learning content and expand our reach all over Africa and internationally, so we can share Mzanzi Kids with the rest of the world.

If this sounds like something you would like to invest in. 

Let's talk.

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Funding For Us
Learn South African languages - Mzanzi Kids App

Schools learning with us

Early adoption of digital in preschool and primary school is a must. Learning environments have to accommodate different learning styles to engage the new-age learner.

Mzanzi Kids offers a digital learning experience with minimal supervision. Off-line access within the classroom and home environment makes it stress-free for educators, caregivers and parents to use.

What we can do for you:

  • If your school uses tablet devices in your classrooms, we can package a special bundle for you. 

  • Design multilingual learning resources for your school.


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Schools Learning With Us

for us

We strive to make learning languages fun and easy for kids! Share with us how we can improve our offering.

Please fill in our feedback questionnaire.

Time: 1-2 minutes

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