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Mzansi - South African laguage learning

About Mzanzi Kids

The Mzanzi kid’s multilingual language learning App was created for children between the ages of 2-6 years in South Africa. It was designed

to stimulate visual, speech and language literacy skills at an early age by understanding basic everyday concepts and pronunciation of speech in six different South African languages; English, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sepedi and Setswana.


The integration of images and sound introduces children to learn and speak in their mother tongue or home language with confidence and fluency, but most importantly comprehend and appreciate the diversity

of languages used by South Africans daily. This multilingual language learning App upholds the fundamentals of language acquisition before entering a schooling environment.

Our aim

To nurture a future generation of multilingual kids that embraces all languages of South Africa and Africa.

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The team

leigh desai - Founder of Mzanzi Kids

Leigh Desai


A mother of 2 boys. Founder of the Innativ Design Studio. She is passionate about design, education and new learning strategies in ED-Tech.

Hlamariso Nelly

Hlamariso Nelly Mboweni


 Director and Founder of Bulk Demands projects.

A qualified and experienced language practitioner specialising in translations


Somi Deyi


A Socio-linguist and currently a Lecturer in the African Languages Department at UCT. Worked with the Language Policy Development Committee at CPUT.

Uyilo Studio

Uyilo Studio


Together with Innativ Studio offers creative services to Individuals and Education institutions needing professional design assistance in developing educational products.

Skywalk Innovations

Skywalk innovations


A Tech company based in Cape Town. They specialise in technology discovery, software engineering and product development.

Thank you to our contributors:

Edwin Peacock - Former Co-founder (Technical, Digital & illustration), Colleen Norkie - Digital Strategy & Marketing,

Roelien Steenkamp - Copywriter, Liesl Frankson - Copywriter, Daleen Von Meyer - resources,

Nadine Johannes - Social media creative, Ethan Mentor - Illustrations

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The team
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