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Kids in Preschool

Growing up with two languages

Friendly Circle

6 Effective Ways to Make Learning Fun for Young Kids

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Behaviour Chart, Chore Chart & Token Economy

Mother Daughter Portrait

Window for learning second language 


Happy Childhood

How can children exercise their agency?

Doing Homework

Do children still need strong mental agility when they can rely on technology?

Podcasts & Media

Podcasts / Media 


Why Learning Through Play is Beneficial At All Ages


Multilingualism in a Culturally Diverse World

Must Have's

Our Rainbow Nation – A Proudly South African Colouring Book.png
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Our Rainbow Nation
A Proudly South African Colouring Book

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iCreate Box
Fun learning activity boxes for curious minds and creative hands

Must Have's

On-line Book stores & magazines

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Ethni Kids
Is an online bookstore specialising in children's books which features characters that are inclusive and diverse in various South African languages! 


Xhosa Kids
Xhosa Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes 

Zulu Nursery Rhymes
isiZulu morning songs for preschool 

Swahili Nursery Rhymes
Numbers Song in Swahili

On-line book store
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